Saturday, 16 March 2013

Create a plasma text effects in Photoshop

Today's tutorial we will present how to make a plasma text effects in Photoshop. We use some basic and some advance Photoshop tools and layering effects. So let's see....

Step 1.

Create a new file and use the following dimensions.

Step 2.

Use this stardust image as a background

Step 3.

At a new layer create a blue spot on the following position with brush tool using following color [ # 0353a5 ]

Step 4.

At a new layer create white soft spots with brush tool with white color

Step 5.

At a new layer create smoke with following smoke brush you can download from here. use this color ( # 876e97 )

Step 6.

Now at a new layer create white spot with brush tool and press ( CTRL + T ) to transform the layer and give the following shape

Step 6.1

Right click on the layer and open the blending options use the following setteing to add glow.

glow color ( # 0066ff )

Step 7.

Now its time to create plasma effect. create free hand white lines with brush tool and also apply zoom blur.

filter > blur > Radial blur then apply zoom blur

Step 7.1

Use the following blending options

Step 7.2

Color used ( # 006bfc )

Step 8.

Now create text

Step 8.1

Add glow effect

Step 9.

Duplicate the text

Step 9.1

Use the following blending options

Step 9.2

Use black, grey and white color in gradient

Step 10.

Use this image and we are going to add this image on the text

Step 10.1

Place this image above the text layer then press ( ALT ) key then click on the middle of the both text and image layer to create mask.

Step 10.2

Use the following blending options on the selected layer.

Step 11.

now add some glowing lights with white brush on the tip of the plasma lines

Step 11.1

Use the following blending options to add glow: glow color ( # 9b05e1 )

Step 12.

Now create a new layer and add some glow effects with simply with color and change layer mode to ( overlay )

Step 13.

Now click on the adjustment layer button

Add hue/saturation and use the following settings

and aslo add vibrance from adjustment layer

Hope you can learn something new from this tutorial.

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Have fun!
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Credit: tutorialspalace

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